What the Democratic Party needs to do.

There was a conversation the other day on Zuckerberg's cash cow, about what reforms the Democratic Party needs to undertake in order to remain viable, much less relevant, much further less, oh, right, we're gerrymandered to death, so just fuck it all; it's useless.

No, actually, it not useless. In fact, now is the time to stand and fight, to get active in your local Democratic Party. Over the next few weeks county parties across the state will be holding precinct organizing meetings and selecting delegates to their county conventions in a few months.

Now is the time for all good people to get off their asses and get busy.  I don't care if you're a centrist, or a hardcore socialist, or any other left of center persuasion; GET THY ASS TO A MEETING AND TAKE OVER THE FUCKING PARTY!!!!

Sorry, I tend to get wound a bit tight, but seriously if you show up with dozen or so of your neighbors, and some of you want to be delegates and have a say, it's doable.

The point of this post wasn't so much about the so very important precinct meetings that you'd damned well better get your ass to very soon.  It was supposed to be about two excellent comments in the aforementioned conversation that I latched onto.

The first was made by the person who started the thread, a man who ran for Congress last year and lost, because - gerrymandering, but I digress.
"What it comes down to is Democrats won't have any credibility if they aren't who they say they are. If they claim to be against big money in politics, they must get out of bed with Wall Street. If they believe church and state should be separated, they should take religion out of party meetings. It's that simple."
I couldn't agree more.  Senator Sanders proved to us last year that Wall Street is no match for masses of citizens actively involved, networking and basically donating all their spare time and change to the cause.

The other choice comment, again, not mine, was as follows.
"The constant pledging [of allegiance to the flag] and praying also represent a greater problem: it's apologetic. We all know we love our country, why else would we bust ass to make it better for everyone? If we are secure in that and secure in our own religious beliefs or lack thereof then what is it for? It's a defensive move to defend against accusations by the Rs that we are all atheists. Well, many of us are! As well as agnostic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and others. It's just a relic of the past, and it's not endearing for younger people who want to attend these meetings. It's bad enough they do it at city government meetings, there is zero reason that Dems should be opening meetings that way."
That is exactly the way I feel, and I have no reason to apologize. Neither do you.

Until this country begins showing me something to be proud of again, I will be refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance and/or any public prayers, especially at party functions. In fact I may even write up a resolution to halt the practices of prayers and pledges in our party meetings; not to disrespect anyone's feelings about either subject, but because the Democratic Party is supposed to be a big tent open to everyone, including atheists and those of us not-so-proud of our tarnished nation these days.

I already don't bow my head for prayers anywhere, and I never will again. I am me, and I am moral and ethical enough as I am. I love my country, but I love the earth - the only planet we've got - even more.  I have no need to speak empty incantations in order to prove my loyalty to anyone.

I wish the same things for the people of all nations that I would have for my own:  peace, elections untainted by money, a living wage for all workers and a safety net for those unable or between jobs, affordable health care for everyone no matter one's station in life, and above all justice and equal treatment for everybody, no matter who, how, or why, or where from. 

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