Killing capitalism one tomato plant at a time

This spring I sprouted a lot of tomato seeds, at least thirty I'd guess. I decided to plant a garden this year, in a one hundred square foot raised bed that I built last fall.

I planted the three tomato plants I wanted to grow for my family in the bed about three weeks ago, before the end of March; at least three weeks before last frost in a "normal" year, and brought them through a three day spell of sub freezing nights under drinking glasses.

Knowing that I might lose a plant, during the cold snap, I decided to plant a few extras. A few became over two dozen plants potted up in recycled yogurt cups.

At first I thought about selling them, but then I thought about what I was thinking: capitalism!  Ack! Spit! Get thee behind me Satan!

So I wondered, why not give them away? And as I was walking home from leaving the last four anonymously on a neighbor's front porch I thought, what better way to kill capitalism than to give people the means to produce food?  Jesus Christ, Himself, was crucified for preaching such heresies as feed each other like family.

I ended up distributing four tomato plants to each of six homes around us on our block.  That's six families who will produce at least some of their own food for the next few months. And that warms my cold black little heart.

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