Oh, Capitalism!

Rent too high? Blame capitalism.

Pay too low? Blame capitalism.

Climate out of whack? Blame capitalism.

Democracy no longer working? Blame capitalism.

This is my problem: I have reached a point in life where I can tie pretty much every social ill and climate/environmental issue to capitalism/the profit motive. All of it. It's not even a stretch, but I can't make anyone understand without either boring them to tears or making them read something just as likely to lull them to sleep.  Most people are too damned lazy to read, and those who don't have that excuse are too damned busy just trying to survive.

How did I arrive my conclusion, that capitalism is the root of all our ills? By studying and reading, and thinking.

I read Ayn Rand, and Milton Friedman, and then I read Marx - lots of Marx, but not nearly as much as I should have. So when I reject capitalism, it isn't just a knee jerk reaction; it is a well considered opinion based on studying both sides of the issue and interpreting the facts.

Capitalism will destroy us, and it may already have done so.  We simply haven't had time to fall down yet.

Capitalism and it's endless thirst for more and more and more, ever expanding, always starving for more, is the root of all evil.

No one will ever convince me otherwise.

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