It's a class war, and it always was

The other day, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors, etc. unveiled the Tesla model 3. Base priced at about $35k, it is being marketed to middle class customers. The plan, according to Musk, is to use the profits from the sale of this model to develop an even cheaper electric car more affordable to the working class.

This got me thinking about something that's bothered me for a long time now; how so many people believe they are middle class, but are very clearly NOT.  I must admit, I once held this misconception.  I grew up squarely in the American middle class, but as an adult, my economic fortunes have not fared so well, nor have as many opportunites been available in general to my generation and those following as were available to our forebears.

I think Musk has done his homework and he's right to say this newest Tesla is priced for the middle class. If you can afford one without having to take out a second mortgage or short change your kid's college fund, you are at the very least a member of the middle class.

Incidentally, if your kid has a college fund, you are most certainly middle or upper class. Poor kids don't have college funds.  If you could afford to buy one of the earlier Tesla models, priced closer to $100k or more, then you are way beyond middle class, and probably fall somewhere in the top 5% - 10% of the economic pyramid scheme. But, if you know without question that you can't afford any of Mr. Musk's fantastic Tesla automobiles in your conceivable future, welcome to the lumpen proletariat comrade; you're a worker!

You may not consider yourself poor, and you probably aren't, compared to many of your neighbors, but you need to understand something. If you can't go out next week and buy/finance a new $30k car without risking your home to pay for it, you are definitely NOT a member of the middle class. You, my friend, are working class, whether you sit behind a desk or the wheel of a truck, whether you work with your hands, your back, or your head, you are a worker bee, of the lower class and probably destined to stay there, and the sooner you wake up and smell the shit you're swimming in the better chance we all have of breaking the chains we've been living in all our lives.

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