If I only teach you one thing my
child let it be this: be mindful.
Be aware of your surroundings.
Be in the here and now.

Be thoughtful in your actions.
Be mindful of the consequences
of your actions, and understand

that action can also be inaction.
The things we don't say and do are
often more important than those we do.

Be mindful of how the world works,
and where we fit within, be mindful
of the cosmos and the hidden purpose
in all it's doings.

We are not special, you and I, nor any
other of our kind; no more deserving
of the lives we live than the weeds in

my front lawn, the songbird in the
crepe myrtle, or the dog in the pen
across the street.

Be mindful of the lives your living
takes and understand that some day
all must give back in kind.

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