You were warned

You were warned, but you wouldn't listen.

Instead you mocked us, and called us kooks.

We told you this would happen, but you were too
busy watching talent shows and fake news,
NASCAR or the NFL, or March madness on TV.

We warned you thirty years ago, how the oceans
would warm and storms would be much worse,
but you were too busy ignoring politics to talk.

"Talking about politics only divides people," you said.

You were warned that the Gulf Stream could shut down,
if we didn't stop burning fossils, but you were too busy
spreading anti-vaccination nonsense to hear.

We all but screamed it in your face, how there would be
more refugees, but you were too busy hating your brothers
for trying not to drown in a hail of gunfire or a rising tide.

You were warned the crops would fail!

You were warned the fish would die!

You were warned the farms would wither,

but you were too busy playing video games, or fretting
over your right to worship an ancient flag of treason to notice
our future drowning in the kiddie pool of your ignorance.

We offered science and facts, hours of expert testimony,
but you spit at them and called us liars and fools. We had
the chance to make a difference and you refused.

You were warned.

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