If now is not the time to
talk about gun control,
when will be the time?

Name the day!
Name the time!
State the place!

I will be there yesterday,
because I've seen more than
enough of murder and
mayhem and blood
running in our streets.

How much is enough?

High school kids weren't enough.
Elementary school children and
their teachers weren't enough.

A theater full of moviegoers wasn't enough.

Not even a music festival full of people,
or a congressman playing ball was enough!

When will it be enough?

When will it be time?

When the victim is a
congressman's son
or a senator's husband;
will that be the time?

When it's a president's grandchild,
will that be the time?

It was time a long time ago, but
until it's one of your own, it's
never quite the right time.

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