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The Japanese have a word –
kintsukuroi – that means “repair with gold.”
Using gold powder, broken vessels are put back together,
their fractures and imperfections illuminated,
a testament to being impermanent, unfinished, and flawed;
more beautiful for having been broken.

When a soul is broken
by a careless deed or a hard word,
we, in our lack of awareness, regard that soul as flawed
when we should instead line those fractures with gold.
They should be shamelessly shown to the world; illuminated,
proving to all that survival itself will hold you together.

With precious gold holding your soul together
how can you truly be broken?
I beg you, embrace those scars you’ve illuminated.
Wabi-sabi – the Japanese have another word -
it means beauty in imperfection; better even than gold
is acceptance of transience, reverence for the flawed.

Everything is impermanent; flawed;
not apart from history but together,
a past highlighted in gold.
Every scar and crack, every broken
bit, stitched back w…

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