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I'm A Loser

This post isn't technically poetry, but I needed to put it somewhere.

A few months ago a tiny-dicked little piece of shit we call Lance Corporal Shinypants wrote the following in an email in which he threatened to sue me because I exposed him for the fraudulent grifter that he is.
“You will be hearing from my attorneys in the next couple weeks. Although you have nothing at all to lose, we’ve checked. I guess that’s why your(sic) so spiteful, you’ve never accomplished anything in your life and your(sic) already over 50. Sad you have to engage in teenish behavior to make yourself feel like someone  of any significance.”
I’ve thought about that poorly written statement often over the past few months. I tried to tell myself that, considering the source, a con man who could easily be described as Donald Trump’s mini-me, I should just forget it and move on, but I can’t. 
I’m a grown man, over fifty, and I know better, but I need to get this out and off my chest before it festers any f…

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