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Keeping the Ghosts Warm

You were warned.


Everyday revolution

After Blake



The one that got away.

I wanted to be a painter.

It's a class war, and always has been.

It's hot.


A who in lieu of a what?


Regulations are the workingman's friend.

April 30, 1943

My father's hands

North Carolina's state constitution is broken.

Karl Marx pissed me off!

Killing capitalism one tomato plant at a time.

Oh, Capitalism, how I do loathe thee.

Open letter to a kid I do not know.

Walking dead.

That immigrant took my job!

The man I am named for was born one hundred years ago.

Your job ain't coming back.

Try to enjoy the hangover.


Ain't no denying.

What the Democratic Party needs to do.

Enterprise: Forty years ago today, the first space shuttle.

Possibly the most frustrating two weeks of my life.

Old Soviet artwork with updated English messages.

Listen to the donkey, he won't lead you astray.

Walking with the dead.

Snippet from a work in progress.

Donald Trump

Tornado hits Georgia city!

Public education matters.

Fight fascism! Plant a victory garden today!

Don't let the assholes get you down. Fight back!

Keep yo' Nazi-loving ass away from me.



Numb, uncomfortably.

Steve Bannon is trying to engineer another Holocaust.

Capitalism creates poverty.

How long until I can retire?

A fascist on the SCOTUS

Death Letter (not today)

I think I must be cursed.



The battle of Stalingrad.

It just doesn't matter!


Prophets of Doom: Trump Version