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Prophets of Doom: Trump Version

Second verse, worse than the first.

Bad lyrics

Keep it.

The art of Fred Ellis.

A reaction toward proto-feminism?

Everyday revolution.

The legend of the pregnant Easter donkey.

Remember the Challenger Seven.

After Blake

Employment questions from a 1950s federal application.

It's not the regulations, Stupid.

International solidarity, now more important than ever.

I cannot believe that I am living in this world.

I shoulda been buying houses.

Now is the time to be unreasonable and hysterical.

Time travel is possible, if you know how to read.

Welcome to Trumpland.


Still waiting for an apology that's never coming.

Help, I'm covered in dog vomit.

Ancient wisdom.

I don't want no gubmint kontrol'n mah hethcar!

I no longer trust American journalism.

I need to write something today.


First, they came for the immigrants.

Welcome to the machine.

All you elitists need to shut the fuck up.

Life is too short to wait for the proletariat uprising

What is the meaning of this?

The Republican Party is in bed with Vladimir Putin.

I don't want a stock option, I want a stake.

Nothing to lose but our chains

Can't get no worse.


One long glorious fuck up.

When I was a kid...