26 March 2017

Walking dead.

Sometimes I feel like I'm already dead; dead inside.  Like I almost don't care at all anymore, but for that little cluster of threads still clinging to me; holding me fast to this life I never asked for.

My son has become aware of the dire state of his planet. He turns sixteen tomorrow.  He has little interest in the driver's license I ate, slept, and breathed for when I was that age, some thirty odd years ago.

I expected civilization was going to crash and burn in some apocalypse or another by the time I was his age; I can't imagine what he must be thinking, nor tell begin to tell him what I think he should do.

14 March 2017

Your job ain't coming back.

The only immigrant taking your job
is that machine made across the ocean,
or that bit of code written on another continent.

Automation took your job.
Efficiency took your job.
Innovation took your job.
Capitalism took your job.

That guy with the accent
didn't take your job,
unless he was your employer.

06 March 2017

Try to enjoy the hangover.

Everything began to change (for the worse) after 1965.  That is SO comforting to know, being a 1966 edition baby.  All I have known in my lifetime is the disappearance of that generosity the author (at the link you might have noticed at the beginning of this post) references from the Roosevelt Era.  All I've ever seen is rising prices, stagnant wages, and excuses for why my generation can't have it half so good as our grandparents did short of criminal behavior or an advanced degree in just the right discipline from just the right school.

Here's the reality folks, no matter where you live, the jobs are gone, mostly to automation, and they aren't coming back. It's only gonna get WORSE.  There may be areas of growth here and there, but over the long haul that's the truth.

The 1% gets bailed out every time they screw up don't they? File bankruptcy, rinse and repeat. Remember the Savings and Loan bailouts, and Chrysler's problems a few too many decades ago now? If socialism is good enough for Wall Street banks and other industries, why isn't it good enough for the rest of us?

It's time to get behind the universal basic income movement, and Richie Rich and Donnie Dollars are gonna have to suck it up and live with paying for a big chunk of it. If you want to live large, sooner or later you have yo pay for your prosperity.  I do, even when it hurts, cause I ain't all THAT prosperous.
And no, we're not all going to march out in droves and die in a war like our forebears did twice last century, just to save capitalism, the free market or anything else the oligarchs deem necessary.

You had a good run, but it's over, and it's nearly destroyed the ecosystem we all depend on to live.  I'm sure it was a great party, but it's time to get to work, try not to enjoy that hangover too much.

02 March 2017



Feel like I been dragging a plow
Sun up to sundown, every day
For as long as I remember
And it never gets any lighter
I just get older and more tired
Sick of the bullshit and ignorance
I'm tired of dragging this plow
Tired of constant fear and anxiety
Sick of never being able to shake
This endless sense of dread
I've Been running from so long I don't
Remember how to stop

I'm so tired